20 Nov

The American Muscle Grill

Designed & Crafted in America.

Here it is, The American Muscle Grill offers the flexibility of a Multi-Fuel chameleon, and the raw power of a champion. Because of its versatility, it outclasses any of its single-fuel challengers. Its creative, Multi-Fuel Tray System allows grilling with any combination of solid fuels, possible for even the most inexperienced chefs. In addition, The American Muscle Grill offers a robust 110,000 BTUs of grilling horsepower. This raw power allows Chefs to take advantage of the convectional gas or simply use it to ignite those solid fuels in seconds. In other words, it is truly a one of a kind grill, and the top performer in any class.

There’s only 2 questions left:
1. How big: 36 or 54 inches?
2. Built-in or Freestanding?

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